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About R.R. Landmarks PVT Ltd.

We, the RR Landmarks, is the part of R R Constructions Pvt Ltd business. We started our journey to provide high-quality real estate property to the customers that will have an affordable price, excellent build quality, aesthetic value, and also the accessibility.


With the vision of having full control of the creative approach to the construction business, the RR Landmarks born. With all of the expertise from the RR Constructions business, the executives started the business and reached the new heights in no time. Thanks to the vision of the company, which is helping it to reach the new heights very quickly.

At R.R. Landmarks, we believe in providing the Good Service, Good Engineering Values, Good Construction, and Value for Money apartments.

Track Record

Currently,We have completed six construction projects in Hubli,Karnataka. Almost 250 customers are happy to have bought the property from us. We have not stopped after completing the six projects, but getting ready to unveil some new projects.

Upcoming Projects

We have some new projects under the planning phase. The locations are finalized, and we are working on the construction planning.

Hubli - We have 2 projects planning in Hubli City, Karnataka. We have shortlisted the Keshavpur and Gokul Road area in Hubli for the new project.

Pune - We love developing cities a lot, and Pune is what we wanted to build some significant buildings. We have shortlisted the hot area of Undri in the southern part of the city for our new project.